How to get cover for driving abroad

Going into Europe? Get covered online

It's quick and easy to arrange cover to take your car abroad - simply log into your Swift Space, and click 'Add driving abroad cover'. You can find this in the 'Countries covered' section at the bottom of your details online.

Following the simple steps will give you the same level of cover in all European Union (EU) countries as you have here. Just choose the dates when you're travelling, and pay the extra based on how long you're away for. And you save money by not calling - as there are no admin charges for changes you make yourself online.

For no extra cost, all UK car insurance policies automatically provide the minimum cover required by law in all European Union (EU) countries. This covers your liability to third parties only - the minimum cover does not insure your car in case of any damage.

For quotes on or BEFORE 25/11/14, or policies renewing on or BEFORE 20/12/14:
Swiftcover car insurance gives you the same cover in the EU as you have here for up to 3 days during the policy year at no extra cost. So if you're only taking a day trip to France for example, you're already Swiftcovered!

Please note that some optional extras do not provide cover outside the UK.

Please remember to take your car insurance certificate with you when travelling in the EU.

For more information on driving abroad, please read your policy documents in your Swift Space and the list of Related FAQs below.

Terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations apply.

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Add driving abroad cover
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